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Post by cupidraaj on 23/01/12, 04:07 pm

Related to photography from 2009 and cinematography from 2010.
Working as Creative Supervisor in Intrac Films and Production from mid of 2011.
Worked in the Show Reel Making for Intrac Inc.
Worked in a short-film (Smartness) as Casting Director.
Worked in a short Film (The Unknown) as cast.
Worked in a short Film (Obocheton) as Cinematographer (DOP).
Worked in a TVC (Jump Kades) as Cinematographer (DOP) and Editor.
Worked in a Drama (Hri-2: Tahara) as Executive Producer and Casting Director.
Worked in another Drama (Cloud No'06) as DOP, Sound Engineer and Editor.
Working on a Personal Trailer Series (Defocused)...

My Guru is Rashed Zaman, he is the reason I came into this field...
Still learning. Will always be happy to help.
A forum was really necessary, feels good to join this one...:D
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পরিচিত মুখ

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Post by সিনেমা পিপলস নেটওয়ার্ক on 23/01/12, 04:18 pm

wow.. we got an really expert cinematographer in our forum :D .. that's great.. We'd like to see the show reels, and ofcourse the short films you were involved in ... <img src=" longdesc="15" loading="lazy" />

I really like rashed zaman's cinematograpjy.. he is one of the real talented filmmaker in Bangladesh, i believe...


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